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Extended frontage of the site affords the two wings spectacular view. The bird’s eye view of the port of Karachi and the overall city itself provides a breathtaking backdrop to the processional environment. PRC Towers has the distinction of being one of the first buildings to be designed with the new Recipes earthquake resistance code.

The Fbr Real Estate Valuation Kerfuffle

Importance of basic geometry for real estate professional Explanation on the concepts of area calculation and area conversion. Importance of data collection in real estate business Explaining the process and sources of data collection in real estate. Share your budget and property requirements and we will ensure you seemlesss transactions at best possible prices according to your wishes.

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Believing in ‘your property our priority’, LRE’s highly professional team of realtors always answer your queries on time with the best of their knowledge and by every prospect. Joined by thousands of our valued clients, it is the most authentic information bank on the large and diversified property sector. If the SECP Article Factory understood the trickle-down impact of this solution, real estate investments will become yet more secure and inclusive in the future.

Wall.pk is a Pakistan real estatewebsite to buy sell rent properties like plots for sale, houses for sale, farms etc. Intellisoft Solutions is maintaing this portal, which specialize in Real Estate websites. REDBOX has provided me complete and thorough information about the new projects for investment opportunities leading to better solutions for me. Our sales agent has extensive knowledge of every developed and under-developed project going on in Pakistan.


All these factors add up and the vacuum left by the real-estate sector explains the recent rise of property tech รับทำเว็บหวย companies in Pakistan. They started with paid listings on sites such as Graana and Zameen, which only touched the top of the buyer decision journey funnel. The bottom of the funnel, where payments are controlled, is where the real money and data insights lie. Based on Zameen.com’s Property Price Index of January 2022, the valuation stands at Rs8,104 per square foot which was Rs7,364 six months ago.